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The Bio-mechanics of Meditation Posture

Anatomy The spine serves to provide support as part of our skeleton and also carries the spinal cord which is part of the Central Nervous System.  What is remarkable is the range of motion that it is capable of; bending forward and backward (in the sagittal plane), side to side (laterally) and twisting. Together with […]

How to get the best from your meditation retreat

On a meditation retreat typically you will be doing a lot more meditation than you normally do when you are at home. On some retreats it’s not unusual to be practicing for 6-7 hours. It isn’t hard! Notice that I say practice not just sitting meditation. Here are some tips to help you get the best from your retreat.

Posture Guidelines

The basic principle is that you should look for a posture that is relaxed and alert, echoing an optimum mental state.  This can be achieved by having a good ‘triangular base’ between your seat and your knees. In the cross legged position the knees should be on the ground, or if not, they should supported […]

Choosing a Meditation Bench Seat

Kindseat: The Meditation Bench or Stool that is Kind to You Meditation stools (UK usage) and Meditation Benches (USA usage) are a practical answer to the problem of being able to sit comfortably in meditation for longer periods of time.  They are normally used in the kneeling or seiza position and are an alternative to […]