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Who are we?

Devon Disability Collective (DDC) is a multipurpose 10,000sq ft site.  Our people have over 55 years of experience: contract sewing, upholstering and manufacturing wheelchair products to BSI ISO 9001.  Onsite we operate a fully stocked mobility Showroom.

Our commitment towards enhancing independence and opportunity for those with disabilities is at the core of our business, specialising in providing goods that help people with disabilities manage the challenges they face, to support independence and promote wider lifestyle choices.

This is a not for profit organisation and everyone who works here has voting rights.  Our work is about the importance of the people who work with us, the quality and value of the goods we produce and essentially about really understanding and valuing the needs of people we provide our goods and services for.

We see everyone has a strong ability and it is our aim to reduce the unfair disadvantages that disabled people face in the job market.  Over 50% of our staff have a disability.

Our Formation

Devon Disability Collective (DDC) was formed in July 2015 following the closure of Pluss.  The long-serving members of staff (most of whom have a disability) now own and manage the business which has been operating for over 55 years, in Marsh Barton Industrial Estate Exeter.

DDC’s strong links with Exeter City Council, Devon County Council, and the Community Union helped establish the business and provided ongoing employment for employees made redundant by Pluss.  The Board of Directors maintains these valuable links with the local government coupled with additional expertise from the local business community.

The Board is chaired by Joe Mann MBE, former Deputy General Secretary of Community Trade Union and General Secretary of the National League of The Blind and Disabled (1995-2000), who brings an abundance of experience and influence to drive forward DDC’s vision of providing employment for people with disabilities.

The Board of Directors is supported by three Non-Executive Directors; – Yvonne Atkinson Devon County Council Councillor, Trish Oliver Exeter City Councillor, and Peter Brennan CEO of Hospiscare.

DDC’s Patron, local MP Ben Bradshaw, former Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport who is an advocate and promoter of disability rights, and the head of Devon County Council John Hart who continues to provide invaluable support.


‘It’s my 11th year, I enjoy the friendly atmosphere here,
not something I experienced in my previous roles.I spent some time in
Kent working on Equestrian products, but I came back to my routes in
Devon.I’ve been a sewing seamstress since 17!’.


‘I’ve been working with the team for 4 years now and trained
up as a machinist, I’m responsible for making belts and also work in
light engineering.When times are busy we help-out in all areas.I
really enjoy all the varied roles’.


‘I started working in the factory in 2005, initially
producing wheelchair cushions and then got trained up to do bee-hive
clothing with matching hats, which led on to nursing outfits and then
large Police tents.Drawing on this experience and my desire to learn I
went on to become an Upholsterer and to this day really enjoy the
variety of work and helping others with their training’.


Monday-Friday 8:30AM – 4:30PM

Saturday 8:00AM – 4:00PM

Sunday Appointments welcome – please book on a week day.


22 Marsh Green Road
Marsh Barton

Tel: 01392 428585

Email: enquiries@devondisabilitycollective.org